Month: September 2012

Eggsactly What You Need!


If you run an egg business, then you know how important a delicate touch is. You’ll also know your legal requirements with regards to use by dates and ensuring your eggs are clearly marked. It’s not only important in legal terms, but it makes good…

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Clean Stamp, Clean Image


Anyone who’s ever used a rubber stamp will know that a dirty stamp will know that a dirty stamp leaves a messy and often illegible impression. In much the same way that an old and worn stamp will leave a poor impression through worn out…

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Properly Inking Your Rubber Stamp


We’ve talked previously about cleaning your rubber stamp to get the best results. Equally important is ensuring you have the right levels of ink on your stamp before making an impression to ensure a clear stamped image and a professional end result. This applies whether…

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How to Use Rubber Stamps For Invitations

We wrote previously about how you can use our wedding stamp to create unique and unusual wedding invites. Since then, others have been inspired to put the idea to use – going even further and decorating place cards and wedding favour boxes with personalised stamps.…

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