Royal Mail PPI Stamps – Changes You Need To Know About

Royal Mail PPI (Printed Postage Impressions) is a pre-paid alternative to franking machines or postage stamps which helps businesses save time and money when dealing with large quantities of mail.

Previously Royal Mail provided the design of these impressions and you could print them on labels to attach to your envelopes (or pre-print the impression onto envelopes). But Royal Mail is now changing the design of the PPI stamp.

From June 23rd 2012, Royal Mail is requesting businesses use the new design of PPI stamp that includes ‘Delivered by Royal Mail’ in the impression. The reason for this change has been stated as:

We believe it would be helpful to everyone – you the customer, and receiving households and businesses – to make it easy to identify whether Royal Mail or another company delivered each item of mail. This way the receiving customer will know who to call if there is a problem with misdelivery, late delivery or another issue.

This change is due to take effect from the 23rd of June but Royal Mail is giving businesses a 6 month grace period in which they can make the preparations. This is because they are particularly aware that many businesses will have current stock of pre-printed envelopes that need using up.

Despite the change, PPI stamps are an excellent way to save money on postage without the headaches of franking machines or pre-printed envelopes. They can be used for a wide range of postal services including 1st and 2nd class, economy class, recorded delivery and much more.

Here at Stamps Direct, we’re keen to help you comply with the changes with minimal fuss and hassle. Our Royal Mail PPI stamps are a low-cost method of continuing to use the PPI system and ensuring your mail gets where it needs to go. Pre-inked and self-inking stamps will last for a long time, giving you many impressions without the excessive costs of printing or franking. They’re easy to use and are fully approved by Royal Mail, so you know you’re stamping correctly!

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