Killing Germs While You Work

We all know how easy it is to get ill when you’re at work. One person gets sick and suddenly the rest of the company is dropping like flies. Government research has shown that there is the equivalent of 140 million days lost to sickness absence each year in the UK. That’s at a cost of £9 billion per year to the employer. Not a healthy figure.

But it’s no surprise when you consider the amount of germs floating around your office desk. Previous research by an American University carried out in 2004 showed that there were 400 times as many microbes on your desk, keyboard, phone and mouse as there are on most toilet seats. The average desk is said to contain 20,961 germs as a result. Worrying statistics. More recent research shows it’s the arms of your chair you need to worry about, but if your chairs don’t have arms, don’t think that makes you safe as the mouse, desk and phone are the next best culprits.

But what can you do about it? Other than going completely overboard with alcohol hand gel and disinfectant wipes? Make some subtle changes perhaps.

Something as simple as an anti-bacterial stamp could make a big difference. If you’re regularly stamping documents, incoming letters or envelopes or anything else for that matter – your stamp is just another place to harbour those cold and flu inducing germs. But not with the latest in anti-bacterial self-inking stamps! Shown to reduce upto 99.99% of germs, these stamps are perfect for helping cut down on the number of germs lurking around your work area and generally helping you to keep healthy.

If you work in a germ-friendly environment, such as a hospital, butchers, bakers or somewhere you’re regularly dealing with customers, this stamp is even more useful. If you share the stamping duties with others, you no longer need to worry about whether they’ve washed their hands. The anti-bacterial stamp is a fantastically simple idea which will work wonders in your workplace.

Now, if only they did anti-bacterial keyboards and mice…

Killing Germs While You Work

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