A Simple Way To Make Your Big Day Special

Perhaps with the exception of the birth of your first child, for most people, your wedding day will be the most important part of your life and the biggest day too. Yet it’s all the little things that make that day so special and it’s amazing how many little things there are to consider. And it all adds up doesn’t it?

But making your wedding day special doesn’t have to cost the earth, while at the same time, you don’t need to make it feel like you’re on a tiny budget. The smallest things can make all the difference – adding a touch of class and uniqueness to something as simple as a wedding invite or the wedding favours or even the reception menus.

Take for example this article written by Adam at @ Rock My Wedding. He took a simple idea and turned it into something fantastically bespoke and special.

As you might know, here at Stamps Direct we pride ourselves on offering custom made rubber stamps for any occasion or need. If you have a design or logo or piece of art work, send it to us and we’ll see if we can incorporate it into a suitable stamp. This is where Adam came in; he wanted a custom stamp for making wedding invitations – something simple with the couple’s names, the date and a catchy line. With a simple mock-up in a word processor of the text and font, the design was ready to be sent to us. Our team then crafted the personalised wedding stamp and sent it to Adam to put to use.

The result is a simple, yet elegant and unique wedding invite with a difference. Using the wedding stamp cuts down the time and hassle of printing, writing and designing the cards. And as we all know, stamping is a fun way to relieve tension and boredom!

The end result of your efforts is a wedding invite you’ll be happy to send out to your guests, friends and family.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. If you can think of a design or suitable text, we can design a similar stamp to be used on the rest of your wedding stationery. Perhaps you can develop a theme throughout your big day – stamp your favour boxes, your place settings, your order of service, your guest book – anything and everything looks great with a custom made stump. With the right paper or card, you can add a rustic, artistic design to your wedding day.

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9 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Make Your Big Day Special

  1. Hi
    Please could you quote me a price and image if possible for a customised stamp.
    Stamp would read:

    – RSVP-
    Please let us know if you can celebrate with us along with your favourite kisstory track and/or love song to:

    Ross & Lisa
    Email – [email protected]
    Tel – 07809768693

    Please line as necessary for wording. For font I would be interested in something rustic looking. Overall size should be approx business card size. Please let me know if you require any further details 07809768693

  2. Hi
    Please can you quote me for a custom stamp – like the example one that you on here
    Would you be able to pretty it up – as i said i like the style of the one on your site – centralised with lines etc
    15th August 2015

    hope this all makes sense


    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your comment, our sales team will contact you directly via email in response to your query.

    1. Hi Abbey,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I will email you personally from our sales account with details on this.

      Kind regards,

      Sales Team @ Stamps Direct

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