ID Theft Protection Without Shredding

Protect ID roller stamp

Identity theft is a big worry in modern society. You’ll often hear scare stories of people who have lost their life savings through someone stealing their identity. A while ago, the UK government made an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of throwing out confidential waste with your weekly rubbish. ID theft could be as simple as rifling through your rubbish and stealing your gas bill or bank statement. In fact anything with a name and address on it could be put to use setting up store cards or credit lines. Victims of ID theft have had their bank accounts cleared out and thousands of pounds of debt racked up in their name. The statistics show that there are over 1,800,000 cases of ID fraud using stolen address data worldwide. So it’s important to protect yourself.

Businesses use shredders and/or shredding companies to dispose of confidential waste (a requirement under the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that personal data is both handled and disposed of carefully), often individuals do the same with a personal shredding machine at home. But shredding can be a hassle and headache. Not to mention an expense.

Now, a clever piece of simple technology has hit the market. A rubber stamp that helps protect your identity! The simple ID protection roller is run across confidential material (e.g. your address, bank account number or other ID number) and it obscures the printed (or written) text. One quick swipe and confidential data becomes completely obscured to prying eyes.

Watch this video and you’ll see how it works. It works on most surfaces and once used there’s no need to shred those private documents! The best bit is you can then recycle your confidential waste in the same way you would any other paper, cardboard or other material. So not only is the ID protection stamp the perfect weapon against identity fraud, it’s also environmentally friendly too!


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